Storing Dahlias & Cannas During Winter

Dahlias & Cannas are some of the most beautiful and striking flowers in the summer garden.  They have bold foliage in many colors.  They can provide height to the flower display which is often difficult to find.

In many parts of the United States, including the Chicagoland area, they are treated as annuals as they will not overwinter in our cold, winter temperatures. But they can be saved when treated correctly.

Tubers should be dug up in fall before first frost. Cut off all the top growth and wash all the soil off the tuber.

The tubers should then be stored in “slightly” moist peat moss. If the peat moss is too dry the tubers will dehydrate, shrivel and die. If the peat moss is to wet the tubers will rot.

If tubers can be potted on March or April and placed in a sunny location with the soil kept evenly moist. They will soon sprout and then can be planted in the garden after last frost date. Or they can be planted directly in the garden after last frost date and enjoyed for another summer season.