Rachel Kehm

Client Care Manager

Rachel Kehm joined Milieu Landscaping in 2014 and we are excited to have her almost 10 years now.

Rachel started her training in cut floral design when she began a job at Red’s Garden Center. Working there for 10 years, she learned her love for plants and gained a lot of experience -predominantly in custom potting. Her time at Red’s helped her learn the basics for her career in landscape sales and design and she now uses this at Milieu.

Over her many years at Milieu, her on-the-job training has also helped her grow in hardscape design, drainage, and regular landscape maintenance.

She now is a skilled Client Care Manager gifted in maintenance sales, design, enhancement sales for hardscape, drainage, and planting enhancement installations.

Her favorite plant is a flowering cherry tree. It reminds her of her childhood, and she loves how beautiful they are.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys traveling and loves spending time in warmer climates, like California or exploring the East Coast.