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Lawn Care & Garden Maintenance

Our professional and knowledgeable maintenance & mowing crews will ensure that your landscape is beautiful, healthy and well cared for.

Lawn Care & Garden Maintenance

Our professional and knowledgeable maintenance & mowing crews will ensure that your landscape is beautiful, healthy and well cared for.

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Lawn Mowing Options

This program provides the basic needs of your property and forms the heart of any maintenance plan. Services are performed on a weekly basis and include: Mowing and trimming of all lawn areas; power blowing of all grass clippings and other debris off of all hard surfaces. Grass clippings will be recycled onto the lawn. There may be a few times a year in hot, dry weather when the grass will not need cutting. Our experience has been that cutting at these times will damage the grass therefore, it is best not to cut. The monthly charge remains the same as our pricing has accounted for this matter. There will be an extra charge when we have to pick up branches, etc. after a storm, remove any grass clippings and leaf cleanup during the grass cutting months of April – October.
This program provides a comprehensive weekly maintenance program that in addition to our weekly mowing service incorporates a professional assessment of the requirements of your property and provides the finest maintenance care accordingly. Weekly bed care is included in this program as appropriate, which can include weeding, edging and cultivating as well as timely pruning. Time is spent on the details which enhance your surroundings.

Turf Care Services

Pre-emergence herbicide is applied to the lawn to help control weed growth during the growing season. Pre-emergence will control a majority of crabgrass seed germination; however, follow up applications of post-emergence herbicide may be performed on an “as- needed” basis.
This slow release, high nitrogen service maintains the health of your lawn during the summer months. Applications are made in Spring, Summer, early Fall and late Fall
This application can greatly reduce broadleaf weed problems for the following season and is recommended for that exceptional weed-free lawn. Applications are made in Spring and again in late Summer/early Fall.
Grubs can devastate a lawn in a short period of time. These applications will reduce grub populations to prevent damage and maintain a healthy lawn during the landscape season. Applications are made in late Spring and late Summer/early Fall.
Aeration is a key part of any lawn care program. It reduces compaction and enables water, nutrients and air to reach the roots where they do the most for the lawn. Applications are made in Spring, or Fall.

Weed, Trim, Edge & Cultivate (WTEC)

For a well-kept appearance we recommend this operation be performed at a minimum of four (4) times a year. All plant beds will be weeded, edged and cultivated (if appropriate). Trimming and pruning of ornamental trees, shrubs and groundcover is performed to maintain a well-kept look as well as eliminating any dead or broken branches which are favorite sites for insect and disease infestation. Thinning of plants also allows needed air and sun penetration necessary for proper growth.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups

This is a general clean-up of leaves and debris from planting and turf areas. Turf areas will be mowed to a shorter Spring height.
Power raking removes the matted down thatch. When this is removed, water, nutrients, and air can more easily be absorbed into the soil where it becomes available to the roots of the turf. Removal of thatch is also helpful in preventing fungal and insect problems.
Re-edging your planting bed areas ensures a clean-cut and finished appearance to your landscape. Cultivation, where appropriate, will provide a fresh appearance while promoting better air, water and nutrient exchange with your plants.
Pre-emergence herbicide is applied to open planting areas to help control weed growth during the growing season. Pre-emergence will control a majority of weed seed germination; however, manual weeding of open planting areas will still need to be performed throughout the growing season.
Fall and winter bring with them a build-up of unwanted leaves and twigs which are both unsightly, and a potential threat to the health of your lawn. The fall clean-up of leaves from the turf will be done weekly if possible beginning in early November, plus, there will be a final clean-up of planting beds and turf areas once the majority of the leaves have fallen. For a neat appearance through the winter months, the pruning back of perennials and the removal of annual flowers is also done at this time. This service is performed in three (3) planned site visits during the month of November.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Many of the ornamental trees, shrubs and groundcovers in your landscape may be susceptible to damage by insects or fungal diseases. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to unsightly or even life-threatening conditions for your plantings. This preventative spray program schedules spray applications for the season that are specifically selected for your landscape plantings. Based on our horticulturist’s assessment of your plantings, taking into consideration any previous problems and combining them with area trends, we propose an IPM program for your plantings. Your IPM program will include combinations of the following applications, or other specialized applications, as appropriate to maintaining the health of your plantings:
  • IPM – Spring Ornamental Fungus Spray: Three (3) spray applications. Commonly needed on Crabapples and Hawthorns
  • IPM – Aphid Spray: One (1) spray application. Generally applied on an as needed basis as problems are observed
  • IPM – Ornamental Insecticide Program: One (1) dormant oil spray applications (Spring) and one (1) insecticide spray applications (Summer). Very important for plants that are susceptible to scale insects
  • IPM – Japanese Beetle: One (1) systemic application preventatively or one (1) contact when they are present in large numbers.
  • IPM – Sawfly Spray: One (1) spray application. These treatments are needed for Pines
  • IPM – Deep Root Feeding: One (1) soil injection application. Custom blended fertilizer is injected into the soil throughout the root zone of the plant to stimulate root growth and provide the plant with necessary nutrients
  • IPM – Transfilm: One to three (1-3) spray applications to manage winter’s harsh impact on evergreen trees and shrubs. Transfilm is an inexpensive, preventive spray application that locks in the moisture of your evergreens. It protects them from the harsh winter temperatures and winds, increasing the vigor of your plants the following spring.

  • Note: During certain growing seasons a particular pest may become significantly greater due to weather conditions and/or unusually heavy infestations. If this condition can be treated by additional spraying measures, we will advise you of the added cost and proceed with your approval.

Additional Landscape Services

To complete your annual landscape maintenance program, we provide these additional services that have been extremely popular with clients:

SHREDDED BARK MULCH: Whether mulching for the first time or adding a ‘refresher layer’, shredded hardwood bark mulch will help retain moisture and inhibit weed growth around plantings while providing a more tailored look.

LANDSCAPE COMPOST: A great way to incorporate organic matter into your planting beds. A must for all flower beds.

SEASONAL COLOR ROTATIONS: One of the greatest joys of landscaping is the display of color possible with annuals throughout the growing season. We will help you select and install plants that are best suited to your growing conditions and aesthetic desires.

ROSE CARE PROGRAM: To encourage continued flowering of your rose plantings, periodic maintenance is required. In addition to deadheading, periodic treatment of diseases and insects as well as fertilization will keep your plants in top notch condition.

PERENNIAL FLOWER DIVISIONS: In order to sustain & encourage continued flowering of your perennial plantings, periodic divisions of plantings may be required. This is also a good opportunity to expand planting areas using new divisions.

LAWN RENOVATION: As a result of neglect, heavy weed & pest infestation, or extreme weather conditions, your lawn may require comprehensive measures to bring it back to life. Our lawn renovation includes removal of damaged areas, soil preparation and seeding or sodding.

WINTER PRUNING: Winter is the optimum time to prune trees and shrubs for long term health & beauty. Lack of leaves provides for a ‘clearer picture’ during pruning operations, while frozen ground and dormant plants mean less disturbance to surrounding areas.

WINTER MULCH: The addition of our composted leaf mulch to plant beds serves the dual purpose of insulating plants from excessive cold and providing a rich organic source of nutrients for the upcoming growing season.

GUTTER CLEANING: Heading into winter with your gutter full of debris can add to the harshness of the season. We can help.

IRRIGATION STARTUP/SHUTDOWN: Why have another company turn your irrigation on and off? Milieu has trained technicians for starting up and shutting down your system. Technicians need access to the irrigation box and water on/off pipes (typically inside the home). Milieu will schedule an appointment 2-3 weeks prior to startup/shutdown.

LIGHTING INSPECTION: Have your landscape lighting inspected early in the spring to make sure it is working properly throughout the entire season. Brighten up your landscape with a lighting system all year!

FULL DESIGN & INSTALLATION: As a cornerstone of our company and our philosophy, creative interpretation of your wants and needs can integrate into anyone’s lifestyle. Our services for design & installation run the gambit from a kitchen garden to a whole-property overhaul. The process can be kicked off through any member of our team.