Compost Pick-Up Program

A new pilot program for our weekly mowing clients. Routes are limited.

Want to reduce your waste but don't have the time, energy or desire to manage a compost bin?

We can help!

  1. We will supply you with a 5-gallon bucket and an air-tight lid for the duration of the mowing season.
  2. Throw your compostable waste in your bucket and set your bucket out on your scheduled mowing day.
  3. Our crew will empty your compostable waste and transport it to our landscaping yard and add it to our compost pile.

It’s that easy! No space taken up in your yard. No work needed to manage and turn your compost pile. Just a simple way to keep organic waste from needlessly being added to the traditional waste stream where it will contribute to increased methane emissions.

What can you compost?


Kitchen Scraps
(Raw or Cooked)

Coffee Grounds
(+ Filters, Tea Bags)

All Paper Products

Cotton, Hemp, Silk
(100% Natural, Cut In Strips)

BPI Certified Items
(Must Say “Compostable”)

Wheats & Grains


Fats & Oils
(Excessive Amounts > 4oz)

(Or Chemicals)

Plastic, Glass, Metal
(Recycle these please!)

Pet Droppings
(Feces, Litter)

Diseased Plants


Questions? Just ask!